Once again, we woke up very early at 5am in order to make our 6am train from Brugge to Amsterdam. Since Cedric and I already had our train tickets reserved, we were good to go. Jed decided to take a different train than us so that he could make it to Amsterdam at the same time (since he didn’t reserve his train, he couldn’t take the same one that we were on). When he left on his train, Cedric told me jokingly that we would never find him in Amsterdam. We had a plan though – Jed had Cedric’s cell number and would call us from a payphone once he got to the station in the city.

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So far, in every place that we’ve traveled, I’ve felt a certain degree of safe. In Dublin, people were nice, but I still wore my purse under my jacket. In Paris, I clutched my purse like it was a loaded gun. I was looking around at all times to make sure I wasn’t about to get mugged. In Brugge, I felt like I could’ve handed my purse to a stranger to hold, and they probably would’ve given it back. The minute we got off the train around 10pm Wednesday night, I was in love. It was dark, rainy, and there was a lone taxi waiting outside the train station. Continue reading

from dublin to paris.

Wow. It’s already Tuesday, over a week into my trip, and I’ve only posted once! There is plenty happening, but internet is rare in most of the places we stay. Therefore, let me start back at Tuesday – my second day in Ireland.

Not much happened on Tuesday. Unfortunately my ankle was still bothering me from the night before so I decided to stay and rest at my friend Flo’s apartment while my travel partner Jed headed up to Belfast for the day. While he explored beautiful Northern Ireland, I napped, ate a delicious pasta lunch that Flo cooked for me, and watched the European version of “Dating in the Dark.” I managed to skype with my dad for a while to fill him in on the ankle situation, and eventually headed to bed early.

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wow! what a day.

Jed and i both arrived at the airport around the same time, so we were able to get seats next to each other on our planes. after saying our goodbyes, we headed through security and towards our gate. we had just enough time to grab lunch, and then it was time to board the plane. the flights went smoothly — we only arrived 15 minutes late in Dublin. we waited for our bags near the baggage claim area, and started to get a little nervous once our baggage claim terminal shut off, indicating that there were no more suitcases to be claimed. slightly panicked, we started looking around and saw a cart with four bags on it — our bags! we had no idea why they were separated, but at least an airline employee helped us out. we walked towards the exit, and luckily, Jed spotted our friend Flo right away. we had been a bit worried since we didn’t know Flo’s phone number or address, but things worked out anyway!

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a long time coming.

although i’ve kept another blog in the past for my travels, i’ve decided to try out wordpress to specifically document my France adventure that will commence in 11 days.

if you’d like to read up on the process leading up to my departure, you can visit my other blog. it also contains posts on my past travels within the US, Ireland, and England.

posts will only get more interesting from here!