mont saint michel

I finally made the legendary trip to Mont Saint Michel when my very own Michel surprised me with a road trip there while he was in Caen to visit me for the weekend. The moment I mentioned it to my friends in class on Friday, everyone was jealous and wanted to come along. I invited Andrea from Spain, Ruben from Panama, and Noelle from Baylor to come along with us for the ride on Saturday.

We took our time on Saturday morning and left Caen around 10:30 AM. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, we decided to go anyway because it would probably be the only chance all of us would have to go this semester. Continue reading


Due to the Barcelona mishap, I found myself in a car on the way to Lille for the weekend. After being dropped off at one of the train stations, I realized I had about an hour before Michel got off of work. I decided to wander through Lille Europe, a huge shopping center in between the two train stations. It was just like an American mall, although I had to pay to use the bathroom – definitely not American! Once I found my way to the other train station where we were supposed to meet, I just hung around near a big fountain out front until it started to rain. Luckily, Michel showed up pretty soon after and we hopped on a train to Hazebrouck, a town just outside of Lille where Michel lives.

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