mont saint michel

I finally made the legendary trip to Mont Saint Michel when my very own Michel surprised me with a road trip there while he was in Caen to visit me for the weekend. The moment I mentioned it to my friends in class on Friday, everyone was jealous and wanted to come along. I invited Andrea from Spain, Ruben from Panama, and Noelle from Baylor to come along with us for the ride on Saturday.

We took our time on Saturday morning and left Caen around 10:30 AM. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, we decided to go anyway because it would probably be the only chance all of us would have to go this semester. The drive wasn’t too long, and everyone was super excited when we saw our first glance of the Mont through the misty rain. Michel’s GPS guided us to our destination, which looked crazy on the screen – basically we drove on a single little road into the middle of the swampy waters where Mont Saint Michel is located. We parked the car (in the proper lot of course, because apparently some of them become flooded after 5 PM), opened our umbrellas, and trekked our way up to the Mont.

The minute we entered the unique little village (population: 43, yet it’s the 3rd most visited place in France), I was instantly reminded of Diagon Alley, Hogwarts style. All the little streets were narrow and heading uphill. If any of us wandered ahead of the others, it was easy enough to find each other again because of our unique umbrellas. Where’s Michel? There! See the red umbrella? All of us were a little hungry and reasonably needed some fuel before hiking all the way up to the top. Ruben and I had both seen some travel shows about Mont Saint Michel and remembered that it was apparently famous for its omelets. Well, I wanted an omelet so I found a little place on our way up that we all stopped at to eat, dry off, and warm up. I was definitely pleased by my omelet filled with cheese, ham, and mushrooms. I even got fries on the side. It was a delicious meal; after that, everyone was ready to brave the rain and steep streets once again!

On our way up, we were greeted by fantastic views at each little break that we took. It was beautiful, even with the rain. After we got our tickets to see the Abbey, we headed inside. There was a cathedral, garden, narrow stairways, enormous gorgeous empty rooms, and more. It was like a big maze that we couldn’t really get lost in. Everything was so old and pretty and well-preserved; it was so impressive!

After exploring the Abbey, we sat down for some crepes and coffee and cider (and heat) before heading back out to the car. Thankfully the parking lot wasn’t flooded, but the weather was still cold and rainy. Although it wasn’t sunny or beautiful that day, the trip was absolutely awesome. I’d been wanting to visit Mont Saint Michel since my friend Shane had told me about it last year, and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to go with some of my favorite people!

pictures: (1) Michel driving (2) gps, lead the way! (3) Mont Saint Michel (4) the narrow streets of the village (5) me with my omelet (6) pretty views (7) me and Michel (8) me, Noelle, Ruben, and Andrea (9) me, close to the top (10) inside the church (11) pretty artwork (12) big beautiful empty room (13) giant wagon wheel (14) more empty rooms (15) group shot (16) Noelle, Andrea and me in a chimney (17) me and Michel at the creperie (18) butter crepe and cider

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2 thoughts on “mont saint michel

  1. Shane November 29, 2010 / 4:19 PM

    haha good ole Mont. St. Michel, im really pissed i didn’t take pictures when i went there. It twas badass though.

  2. Eric December 8, 2010 / 1:40 PM

    Glad you got to see it, although it looked a bit rainy haha. For me, it was the most impressive manmade structure in Europe! Looks like you’re still having a great time over there, let Shane and I know when you return!

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