This past week, I finished my very last week of classes as an undergraduate. I also had my exit interview with the French department (required for all majors) and became a member of the Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society.

The exit interview was not for a grade, but was for the department to see the progress in all of the French majors in order to improve the program each year.

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once upon a time…

My boyfriend will be in Dallas, TX in exactly 10 days.

We will have been apart since December 23, 2010: 135 days, 4 1/2 months, 1/3 of a year. It hasn’t been easy, but it worked because, well, we’re just awesome.

When I left the states last August, my friend Jed & I flew from Dallas to Dublin. In Dublin, we were planning on visiting our friend Flo. He’s French, studied with us at Baylor for the spring semester of 2010, was doing his summer internship in Dublin, and would be at the University of Caen with us in France during the fall. He picked us up from the Dublin airport at the glorious hour of 8 in the morning (now that’s a true friend), and we headed back to his apartment. Flo seemed unusually chipper for that early in the morning, so we could only assume that he was still drunk from the night before.

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me, working for a high school?!

I recently found out that as an English Teaching Assistant, I’ll be working a 7-month contract at the high school and/or middle school level. Although I think that I had originally preferenced elementary schools first on my application, it was a relief to get this contract. I think it will be much less exhausting to deal with rebellious, moody teenagers than a room full of 20 toddlers.

I’ve had previous experience with teens. For example, I have a younger brother named Grant who is now 17 years old. (Oh my goodness gracious, he will be a senior in high school next year. Sad sister moment.) I would be overjoyed to have 20 students in a class who are similar to him, but when you mix in those crazy friends of his… then I get a little scared.

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i’m famous!

Well, not really. But I was recently asked to do two interviews for Baylor: one for “Baylor Proud” (an online article database filled with stories of success from Baylor University) and another for the “Baylor Lariat” (Baylor University’s student newspaper).

After 4 years at Baylor, I make the front page!

Read the Baylor Proud article

Read the Baylor Lariat article

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preconceptions: french vs. american

I love to play this game. When typing a phrase into google, it’s always interesting to look at what auto-fill can do for you before you finish typing your real search request. In typing “Why do Americans…” the first auto-fill options that come up are “Why do Americans speak English” and “Why do Americans detest the French”.

1) Why do Americans speak English?

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Oh, my dreams have come true.

Today I received my acceptance e-mail from the TAPIF (Teaching Assistantship Program in France), saying that I had received a position to teach in Lille, France during the 2011-2012 academic year.

It really couldn’t get any better than this. Now, I wait about two weeks to find out what age I’ll be teaching (elementary, middle school, or high school). During the summer, I’ll find out exactly what city I’ll be placed in. Lille is a big metropolitan area, so I could be placed at any school within about an hour of downtown.

I am so relieved and so happy! I can’t believe I’ll be living in France again, with a real job this time. Get ready for “Haley in France: Part 2!”