preconceptions: french vs. american

I love to play this game. When typing a phrase into google, it’s always interesting to look at what auto-fill can do for you before you finish typing your real search request. In typing “Why do Americans…” the first auto-fill options that come up are “Why do Americans speak English” and “Why do Americans detest the French”.

1) Why do Americans speak English?

This question could have so many meanings. Why do Americans speak English in general? Why do Americans speak English when they visit France? Why do Americans speak English and not French? Well. Most Americans speak English because it’s our national language (yet, not officially). Another reason may be because the country was founded by a population of English-speaking individuals. Most Americans speak English when they visit France because, believe it or not, France is a huge tourist destination for the Yanks. Another reason for that would be that few Americans ever study French – it’s only offered in high school, and is up against 3 or 4 other language choices. And finally, why do Americans speak English instead of French? We may never know!

2) Why do Americans detest the French?

This one is easy. The general idea that Americans detest the French comes from the general idea that the French detest Americans. We just want the feeling to be mutual. BUT, we must not forget about young individuals like myself and many others who adore la France, and who have learned from personal experience that in fact, the French don’t hate Americans and are usually quite interested to talk to us!

So, there you go. A little insight to what the French think about Americans, and how we can justify and/or discredit these opinions.

Coming soon: What do Americans think of the French (according to google, of course)?

One thought on “preconceptions: french vs. american

  1. Michel April 11, 2011 / 10:16 AM

    It’s reaaaalllyyyy general, I know some French people who get along really well with American people ;)

    Now I’m really interested into the second part… Be careful, international readership may be visiting your blog ;)… But it’s only what Google says ^^

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