i’m famous!

Well, not really. But I was recently asked to do two interviews for Baylor: one for “Baylor Proud” (an online article database filled with stories of success from Baylor University) and another for the “Baylor Lariat” (Baylor University’s student newspaper).

After 4 years at Baylor, I make the front page!

Read the Baylor Proud article

Read the Baylor Lariat article

It makes me so happy to see that others are almost as excited as I am! Hopefully those who read this at Baylor will realize how much you can do with a language major, and especially how important it is to live abroad if you really want to learn a language. The Lariat article even has a picture of me taken by good friend, travel-buddy, and Baylor Lariat photo editor, Jed Dean. You can read his blog here. I hope you all enjoy the stories; I did!


One thought on “i’m famous!

  1. Eric April 19, 2011 / 7:41 PM

    This is really sweet Haley, I still need to read the actually article, the one that I can only assume praises you haha. Very cool

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