This past week, I finished my very last week of classes as an undergraduate. I also had my exit interview with the French department (required for all majors) and became a member of the Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society.

The exit interview was not for a grade, but was for the department to see the progress in all of the French majors in order to improve the program each year.

Each major chose two professors to sit in with the department director for the interview. I chose two of the native-speaking French professors that I had not ever had a class with so that I could talk to someone new and have a fresh opinion on my speaking skills. It was so much fun! They asked me about my courses I had taken, how I became a French major (you can see the answer to that question here), my favorite authors, my semester abroad in Caen, my plans in Lille for next year, and more. I can’t believe how quickly my time in this department has gone by, but feel very lucky to have been a part of it. The professors are really great people and I will definitely miss them!

Later last week I was inducted into the National French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi. The requirements were to have a 3.0 GPA overall along with a 3.5 GPA in all French classes. At the end of the induction ceremony, all new members had to repeat these words –

“Je promets de faire tout ce que je peux pour répandre la culture et la langue françaises.”

– meaning, “I promise to do all that I can in order to spread the French culture and language.” From accidentally squeezing French-related references into many conversations now, to possibly teaching high school or university French classes one day… I think I can do that!


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