next stop: grand canyon

We left Albuquerque after a yummy lunch at Fuzzy’s Tacos and arrived about 5 hours later in Flagstaff, AZ. We had reserved a hotel that morning and when we arrived at the hotel in Flagstaff, apparently we had driven to a different one than we reserved at! Oops. We looked up directions to the right hotel (apparently there were 4 hotels of the same chain in Flagstaff), I got ridiculously lost on the way, Michel ended up paying 30 euros to use his GPS on his phone for 10 minutes, and finally… we made it. Luckily that was the only time that we got lost on the trip.

It was really cold in Flagstaff! We layered up and ate dinner at a Burger King nearby after Michel had downloaded a legit USA/Canada GPS that he could use free of charge on his phone. The Frenchies loved Burger King as far as I could tell; the size of the burgers was enormous, the drinks were self-serve (with free refills!), etc. We went back to the hotel, all of us passed out, and surprisingly all of us woke up without an alarm clock around 5am. There is no explanation for this, as I am NOT an early bird, but I think that the only reason could be due to the time changes.

After a beautiful sunrise and a nice continental breakfast, we packed up and made the quick 1.5hr drive to the Grand Canyon. Finally! All of us were excited. I hadn’t been there since I was 8, and none of my friends had been there before. It was a beautiful day – cold, but beautiful!

Grand Canyon – check!

We took one of the scenic drives around the east side, and… it started to snow! Not even just little flurries, but I’m talking like SNOW snow. It was crazy. You can see the difference below.

Hello, snow.
It was freezing!

We had hit the first major destination of our long road trip, and it felt so good. Even though we accidentally took the long way out of the national park by following the east exit instead of the south exit, we managed to eat the best burger ever on our way out at a tiny little restaurant off of the two-lane highway that we spent much time on. We were high on life, full of food, and ready for Las Vegas!


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