coming to terms…

Well, I guess it’s about time I write about graduating from college.

I’m not in denial or anything.

No really, I’m not!

Okay, maybe a little bit. After spending 4 years living in Waco, it grows on you as much as a tiny town with 1 mall and 5 decent bars and… well, that’s about it… can. The thing is, it also has an awesome university. I had a great time at Baylor. I changed a lot. And besides all that sappy sentimental stuff, the only real pressure I had during those 4 years was to graduate.

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viva las vegas!

I am still waiting very impatiently to hear more news from my job for next year. In my efforts to kill time, I’ve been knitting, reading on my new Kindle, spending time with two of the most awesome kids in the world (I guess you could call it babysitting), driving to Minnesota and back, getting out with friends, and more. But somehow, I have forgotten to blog!

It’s been over a month since my French road trip buddies have left the US, but I can still remember plenty of highlights from our stop in Las Vegas.

We arrived in the evening, checked in at the Palms Hotel, and ate Panda Express. There was an issue with one of the hotel rooms that was quickly fixed, but we all still received free passes to the spa and the Playboy Club. (We just used the spa pass. Celine and I have good boyfriends.) Michel was totally impressed by the quality of Panda Express. And ALL of us were amazed once we hit the strip.

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