coming to terms…

Well, I guess it’s about time I write about graduating from college.

I’m not in denial or anything.

No really, I’m not!

Okay, maybe a little bit. After spending 4 years living in Waco, it grows on you as much as a tiny town with 1 mall and 5 decent bars and… well, that’s about it… can. The thing is, it also has an awesome university. I had a great time at Baylor. I changed a lot. And besides all that sappy sentimental stuff, the only real pressure I had during those 4 years was to graduate.

Well, I did that! I feel great. I somehow was able to change my major twice and still graduate in my allotted 4 years. I even managed to get away to Caen, France for a semester. And, I’m one of the lucky handful who have a decent job lined up for the upcoming school year. (Another sign I still am in student-mode: I refer to September as “next year” instead of “this fall.” When will that stop?)

In opening a new bank account this summer, I had to bite my tongue to not reply with “student” when the employee asked what my occupation was. “Teaching assistant” was what I said, and it was WEIRD. I don’t even know that this occupation really holds in store for me, even after spending countless hours creeping all over forums and Facebook groups filled with facts from past and future assistants about the position. I am anxious. And curious. And SO excited!

It’s strange to think that my undergraduate career is over, but I am so pleased with how it ended. Although it’s nothing like how I would’ve pictured it 4 years ago, it’s better. Studying French has already given me the opportunity to live abroad for a semester and to score a job for a whole school year teaching English in France. I have no idea what kind of opportunity it will give me when I come back next year. (Looking at the current job market for 2011 graduates, it will probably be the opportunity to live in a box and be forced to go to graduate school.) I am hopeful!

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