i love my mailbox

As you all could tell, if you read my previous post, or have been victim to my countless rants in person or via Facebook, I have been oh so very patient while waiting for my work contract to come in the mail. Ha!

Well, no worries – I finally got it in the mail yesterday!

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a watched pot never boils.

I found out on April 4, 2011 that I was offered the English Teaching Assistant position in Lille, France that I had been hoping for for the previous 8 months. I felt great! I was so excited that my plan came through. I HAVE A JOB!!!

3 months and 4 days later, I am still waiting to hear more information. (Now I’m just being selfish.) I know that I’ll be teaching somewhere in Lille, but that’s like saying I know that I’ll be teaching somewhere in Dallas-Fort Worth. I am trying very hard to be patient, but since I constantly stalk the Facebook group for future Lille assistants and have noticed that a good 85% have received their placement, I am quickly becoming green with envy!

With around 2 1/2 months until I hop on my plane to Brussels, of course I am anxious.

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I recently finished reading Tina Fey’s amazing, witty, entertaining book called “Bossypants.” To be more clear, I finished it the day after I bought it. There were many quotes and passages that made me smile, more that made me laugh, and a few that made me… well, let’s say “guffaw.” Let’s look at an example.

In this part of the book, Tina Fey is writing about her experience playing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live – a few years after having left the show, she was asked to return to the set because of her uncanny resemblance to the US politician.

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