I recently finished reading Tina Fey’s amazing, witty, entertaining book called “Bossypants.” To be more clear, I finished it the day after I bought it. There were many quotes and passages that made me smile, more that made me laugh, and a few that made me… well, let’s say “guffaw.” Let’s look at an example.

In this part of the book, Tina Fey is writing about her experience playing Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live – a few years after having left the show, she was asked to return to the set because of her uncanny resemblance to the US politician.

“Here at the midway point of my six-week career, the sketches were really becoming ‘a thing.’ They were being watched around the world on the Internet. A French newspaper accidentally ran a picture of Amy and me from the Katie Couric sketch thinking it was a picture of Couric and Palin. Although I think that had less to do with the ‘power of satire’ and more to do with the fact that to the French, we are all indistinguishable fat dough balls.”

The caption of the photo reads “The televised interviews with Sarah Palin, US Republican Vice-President candidate, on the left, showing herself now troubled, hesitant, or awkward. Her televised debate tomorrow with Joe Biden worries even her own side.”

Apparently it was printed in the newspaper Le Soleil, based in Quebec. The confusion was later fixed, but still remains to be a prime example of 1) Tina Fey’s resemblance to Palin, and 2) Canada. Good stuff.


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