a watched pot never boils.

I found out on April 4, 2011 that I was offered the English Teaching Assistant position in Lille, France that I had been hoping for for the previous 8 months. I felt great! I was so excited that my plan came through. I HAVE A JOB!!!

3 months and 4 days later, I am still waiting to hear more information. (Now I’m just being selfish.) I know that I’ll be teaching somewhere in Lille, but that’s like saying I know that I’ll be teaching somewhere in Dallas-Fort Worth. I am trying very hard to be patient, but since I constantly stalk the Facebook group for future Lille assistants and have noticed that a good 85% have received their placement, I am quickly becoming green with envy!

With around 2 1/2 months until I hop on my plane to Brussels, of course I am anxious.

Yet, it is clear to me that I need that time to prepare my things and myself (physically and mentally!). The first step of that preparation will be to hear something from my school and receive my work contract – voila! The source of my anxiety.

Once I receive that bit of information, I can proceed. I can prepare the rest of my documents and travel to Houston to have my visa interview, decide where I will live (be it in Lille or in a town outside of Lille, depending on where my school is), start browsing apartments online, pack pack pack, and fly away.

I am excited and awaiting my work contract with bated breath, but I know that deep down, I need these 2 1/2 months more than I think I do. I’m just ready for the real process to start.

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