wonderful weekend

To say the least, my week has been quite fabulous.

I drove out of Dallas on Friday night to be reunited after a long 3 1/2 months away from my dear friend Stephanie, who is currently attending Baylor. We did our normal Waco things like Practically Pikasso, Pei Wei, Teriyaki Park, Jamba Juice, and Common Grounds. It almost felt like I just came over to her house from my apartment that was 5 minutes away, but then I remembered that I graduated and will be moving to France in 3 weeks. Oops.

My unfinished hand-painted espresso cup & saucer, inspired by a Pikasso sketch.

Upon seeing lots of familiar faces on Friday night, I responded to the statement “I thought you were in France already!” about 50 times, saying “No, no, I still have 3 weeks.” While ending our night in line at the beloved Scruffy Murphy’s (a local Waco bar frequented by every Baylor student on every weekend ever), my group & I even ran into 2 French exchange students. I mean really, on the one night I’m in Waco at this one bar at this certain time, the Frenchies are in line right behind us? It’s destiny. I got to speak some French and chat with one of them about Lille – his hometown. Such a small world!

Cactus in Austin

Saturday night was spent in Austin, where no French run-ins occurred, but lots of fun things involving 6th Street and friends and buses and fruit and late-night-chats and Mexican food did. I got to catch up with my friend Shane who had spent the entire summer in Germany on an exchange program with UT. Then Stephanie & I begrudgingly left Austin and went back to Waco, for I was having lunch with some old French professors on Monday afternoon (and she had to study…ha!).

My close friend Jed, who I studied abroad and traveled with in Caen last year, joined me and my two old French professors for lunch along with the wife of one of the professors who just happens to teach Spanish at Baylor. It was great to see them again, although Dr. Bratu told me “I thought we had gotten rid of you!” It’s okay. I know they secretly want me to get a doctorate and come back and teach with them. Jed & I reminisced and shared travel stories. Dr. Boerm gave me lots of advice for my future job, asked about my travel plans, and caught me up on how the French department is doing this year. I am his “first real protégée,” and he has continued the tradition on by convincing a few others to change their major to French. Yay!

Finally, I drove to College Station to spend a day with my amazing friend Helen. I also got to see my god-puppies again (you’ll remember them from my last post). While she was in class, I met up with Ed, who is an Aggie like Helen and also studied abroad with me in Caen.

I am so lucky to have so many friends from so many places yet still be able to see many of them more often than you would think.

One thought on “wonderful weekend

  1. Jacob C August 31, 2011 / 10:44 PM

    I am reading your bloooooggggggg. C’EST MOI!!!!!

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