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During the past few days, I have been reminded often that I am definitely not in Texas anymore. Although I’ve spent much time in France, and many weekends in Hazebrouck (where I’m staying until I move to Douai next weekend), it’s the little things that I see or experience that serve as clear examples of the unique French (and Flemmish) culture in the north of France.

Even French cats get to indulge – they drink fresh milk, not water!

The food. The drinks. Both are quite different from what I’ve been eating all summer. French people drink often. I don’t know how their stomachs can handle 4 cups of strong coffee per day, but they do. I’ve been getting strange looks for requesting just water to drink – no, not carbonated water, just water – which makes me giggle. It usually goes like this – Host: “Do you want a coffee?” Me: “No thank you, but I’ll just have water if that’s okay.” Host: “Juice? Coke?” Me: “Oh that’s ok, just water please.” Host: “???”

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back in franceland!

Who knew my trip back to France would be so full of adventure?!

My life in a nutshell… or one suitcase, backpack, and purse.

Wednesday afternoon, my family & I left for the airport only to get a flat tire on the way. Luckily we left 3 hours early, and my dad is a pit boss. We continued on the spare (at a torturing 50mph) until we reached DFW International Airport. Once I checked in, they weighed my bag and of course it was one pound overweight. I pulled out my 1.25 pound container of chili powder and transferred it to my carry on since the employee said it was okay to do that. Then, when I check into security, I’m pulled aside to have my carry on bag checked through on the special table because of my huge container of Texas spice. Luckily it wasn’t a problem after all and I headed towards my gate.

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two weeks

Two weeks and one day before my plane leaves, I feel surprisingly prepared.

About a month ago, I pulled my suitcase down from the highest shelf of my parents’ closet. I thought, could this be too early? No. Knowing my airline’s baggage policy (first max 50lb bag free, overweight fee of $200, second bag fee of $200), I have no choice but to take one suitcase and one carry-on. My beastly hard-case Delsey suitcase weighs 11lbs (it’s also purple), therefore I have a good 39lbs to pack with lots of layers for the cold weather of northern France. I’ve slowly been putting sweaters, leggings, and long-sleeved shirts into the suitcase – items that I’ll have no need for during September in Texas.

A gorgeous Texas sunset in front of my house that I’ll be sure to miss.

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