a day in amiens

I had been working for 3 weeks, so it was about time I had 2 weeks off for vacation… right?!

One of my previous professors had spent much time in Amiens and suggested that I take a day trip there. It’s located one hour away from Douai by train, which made it quite convenient (and inexpensive!). I took the train around 11am, arrived around noon, and gave myself 4 hours to explore the charming city. My professor gave me a little list of things to check out, so I had no problem getting around and finding things to see! Here are some of the pictures from my day.

First view when exiting the train station: La Tour Perret. It kind of reminds me of the tower at UT, except much shorter and not in Texas.

Cathedrale Notre-Dame d’Amiens. I found it without a map! So proud.

After finding the cathedral, I found the tourism office (which was right next to it) and got a map just to be safe. I grabbed a chorizo panini and an Orangina for the walk where I saw this beautiful view…

Place Gambetta

… and was on my way to see the Musee de Picardi and Le Cirque – both museums, both closed. This is probably why I only spent four hours in the city instead of five or six! So I continued on to Jules Vernes’ house, which still had 15 minutes before it opened, so I did the normal French thing and found a cafe where I “took” a coffee and enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL sun that was shining in the north of France! Seriously. It’s not normal. But I am so grateful for the beautiful weather that we have been having the past month. (It’s changing quickly… in fact as I’m writing this, it is wet and rainy and not cute outside.)

After my coffee, I meandered back to Jules Vernes’ house, claimed to be a student to get one Euro off my ticket price, and started to wander through. It was… eerie. The house had just opened for the afternoon so I was one of the first people to go in. I literally felt like I was creeping in someone’s house. Some dead writer’s house. It was gorgeous and full of artifacts from Vernes’ life, and altough many floors had been changed, there were a few rooms that had been left exactly the same as when Vernes was living there, like the dining room and his study. The study was even roped off, since on the desk there were still his pens and pencils that he had been using just before his death. I could only stare into this room for a minute, because once again, I was just creeped. Good thing I have refused to ever watch any of the Paranormal Activity movies. All in all, the house was cool, and maybe one day I will read more of Jules Vernes. Maybe.

View from the courtyard at the entrance to Jules Vernes’ house – the tower is filled with a spiral staircase.

I ended my day in Amiens with a stroll through Parc Saint Pierre, and then headed back to my humble abode in Douai. It was a nice, calm start to my vacances… but don’t worry, there’s more to come!

Walking into Parc Saint Pierre, on my way out of Amiens

3 thoughts on “a day in amiens

  1. Cydny November 4, 2011 / 8:21 AM

    Next time I’m coming with!

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