My winner of a boyfriend planned a surprise for me on Friday that included the following things: Ghent & Alexi Murdoch.

It wasn’t as easy as it sounds… (does it sound easy…?)

I met up with him in Lille around 5pm on Friday after he got off work, and we headed to our at-the-time-unknown-to-me destination of Ghent. We made it to the city with no problem, arrived at our destination, and quickly discovered that the address was in fact that of the ticket office and not the concert venue. Hmm…

So we tried another address that showed up on the tickets. This time it took us to absolutely nowhere. We walked around for a while, asking every other person if they had ever heard of the venue. Finally, at a hostel, a guy knew exactly what we were looking for and pointed to the address on the tickets. (This is the point when I was officially told of my surprise, since we had to show the tickets and explain which concert we were going to see. YAY!)

To make a long story short, my road-warrior sped his way (safely, of course) towards the right address only to have the GPS get very confused along the way, leading us to drive on the tram tracks rather than on a road, to drive to a dead end facing the river, etc. There were also way too many cyclists crowding the roads (how dare they!). But eventually, we made it. At 7:45. 45 minutes after the concert had started, according to the boy.

Outside the venue after the concert, with vinyl in hand!

Lucky for us, that was not the case! We had made it, and with 30 minutes to spare! The show in fact started later, at 8:15, and the surprise was a success. Alexi was great in concert. It was his first time “ever, ever, ever” in Belgium. The venue was small, everyone was seated, there was little light, and it was just Alexi and his instruments (piano/guitar/violin/thumb piano/accordion). The crowd was quiet but not bored – we wanted to listen well to hear everything perfectly! He was funny in an understated manner onstage. When an audience member yelled out that we could barely see him, he responded, “Well, I can’t see you guys either!” Later on, he started a song and was a few measures into it when he stopped himself and apologized, saying that he “just had to fix the tuning.” When he announced his last song, he explained that it was technically his last song, but of course we all know that he will come out for an encore. He just likes to have the formality because “it makes him feel loved.” Haha! Adorable. The only bummer was that he didn’t play Song for you, one of my favorite titles by him, but other than that, I was SO happy to get to see him live – especially with my fantastic boyfriend!

Check him out on Spotify.

Part of what I saw on our quick walk after the concert in Ghent (it was cold outside!). Guess I’ll have to go back soon!

2 thoughts on “surprise!

  1. mom November 20, 2011 / 10:19 AM

    What a wonderful time it sounds like you had. Good job, Mich.

  2. Mich November 20, 2011 / 2:19 PM

    Thank’s Cyndi ! ;)

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