she’s back? #shesback.

Ohmygoshyouguys. I’m going back to France on Tuesday! How, you ask?

When I bought my ticket to come back in May, I basically decided to buy a round trip ticket from Paris to New York and chose a random date in August for my return flight. And it’s Tuesday!

I still haven’t heard if I’ve been renewed for the assistant position. Technically, I could hear anytime up to mid-September (it’s ridiculous). If I was renewed, I would come back to the US to get my visa and be back in France by October 1st, but my hopes aren’t high.  So, this time my visit is meant for pleasure and a bit of job hunting. I’ll stay with the boy, relax outside in the garden with my tiny French coffee, ride my bike in the Hazebrouck countryside, and stroll down the (one) shopping street in town.

But besides that, I’ll be making a point to visit the companies that I previously sent my CV to this summer. I’ll go in person, explain to them how awesome I am, and somehow convince them to hire me and do the dreaded visa process for me so that I can come back, once again, to la France.

Oh, and did I mention that the boy and I are headed to Ireland a week from today to indulge in the luxurious green lands of Galway, Clifden, and Dublin for four days? It falls at a good time; about two years ago we met there!

It all sounds exciting, but it also incredibly stressful to have such an unstable situation! I have no idea how I’ll be making money at all this year, I can only hope that I’ll find ways to occupy my time for however long I plan to stay in France (oh yeah… I don’t have a return ticket yet), and I don’t know what I’ll do without peanut butter. Some fears are worse than others, but hey. It’s nerve wracking!

It’s a good thing I’ll be in France, because otherwise I don’t think I could handle it. It is becoming my second home country, after all.

One thought on “she’s back? #shesback.

  1. Cyndi August 3, 2012 / 9:36 PM

    You will be fine. You will do great. Follow the path that is set for you and rely on God for guidance. I love you.

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