Bruges for a day

The boy and I found ourselves browsing for villas in Bali one night when we decided, why not spend a day in Bruges? It was a much more feasible plan, being that this Flemish city is only a 1 and a 1/2 hour drive from our house, and we wouldn’t need to spend $10,000 to stay there for a night. So the next Sunday, we set off on the road along with his mom, dad, brother, sister, and sister’s boyfriend to spend a nice little afternoon in Bruges.

Group shot on a side street of Bruges, taken by the boy’s brother

It was a nice, cool, sunny day which was perfect for an afternoon stroll. We arrived at the main square, and after a few photos we decided to go in search of some lunch. I tried to bring back memories of where I had eaten the last two times I visited Bruges, but my favorite place was closed so we went for fries at one of the friteries on the square, where we could all eat for cheap and sit down around a table (all desirable qualities when traveling in a group of seven)!

After our meal, we explored one of the biggest beer shops – according to me – in the city. (I wish I could tell you the name of it, but somehow I stumble upon it each time I’m in Bruges and never remember to look!) It’s almost like a museum of beer, but instead of the history, there are price tags. The book known as “All Belgian Beers” rivals the size of the fifth Harry Potter book. There are nearly 200 breweries in the small country of Belgium; no wonder the book is so huge!

Wandering through the display of Belgian beer… this is only the beginning!

After that, we continued down the street towards the canals. There’s a reason Bruges is called the Venice of the north, and I think a big part of it has to do with the romantic canals running through this picturesque city. We bought our tickets and hopped onto the boat with several other tourists, and were treated to cute little views…

The famous belfry of Bruges
Typical Flemish architecture
This has to be the mascot of the Bruges canal tour… I saw him sleeping in the exact same place the last time I was here! Is he real?!

We went back to wandering through the side streets afterwards, where we explored a local market, stopped for tea & coffee, visited the Church of Our Lady which hosts a sculpture by Michelangelo, and eventually found our way back to the car. There was also waffle eating involved at some point.

Bruges is a great place to be for a day or two. It’s romantic, it’s pretty, and it’s the perfect place to wander around without ever really being able to get lost. And, it’s much cheaper than a night in Bali.


3 thoughts on “Bruges for a day

  1. DebbZie October 10, 2012 / 11:41 AM

    I love the sleeping dog picture. So cute ! Brugge looks pretty, I haven’t got the chance to visit it :(

    • haleyinfrance October 12, 2012 / 2:48 AM

      Isn’t he adorable? I wanted to start singing “How much is that doggy in the window…” haha! It’s definitely worth a visit!

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