fresh eire

This past weekend, I returned to one of my favorite countries: Ireland! In 2006, it was my first trip out of the states with some of my best high school friends and a fabulous World Experience teacher and I’ve loved it ever since. Also, I am one of the millions of people that claim Irish heritage (my family came to Illinois in the 1850’s), so that makes it extra special. Finally, two years ago, I met a special someone there.

Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin, separating the north and south sides of the city

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wow! what a day.

Jed and i both arrived at the airport around the same time, so we were able to get seats next to each other on our planes. after saying our goodbyes, we headed through security and towards our gate. we had just enough time to grab lunch, and then it was time to board the plane. the flights went smoothly — we only arrived 15 minutes late in Dublin. we waited for our bags near the baggage claim area, and started to get a little nervous once our baggage claim terminal shut off, indicating that there were no more suitcases to be claimed. slightly panicked, we started looking around and saw a cart with four bags on it — our bags! we had no idea why they were separated, but at least an airline employee helped us out. we walked towards the exit, and luckily, Jed spotted our friend Flo right away. we had been a bit worried since we didn’t know Flo’s phone number or address, but things worked out anyway!

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