Next weekend is the start of one crazy week!

After nearly 3 months in France, I decided that the best option for me at the moment is to go home, work as much as possible, save as much as possible, and come back to France sometime after March. The job hunt here was frustrating but I feel like I did my best. I’m definitely considering doing my masters in Lille next year (studying modern languages), and with a student visa, I’d have the right to work 20 hours/week anywhere I’d like (or anywhere I can get hired). The main problem this time around with interviews was never the conversation, but the fact that I didn’t have valid working papers. As a student, I’d have already jumped through that hoop, so hopefully it would be much easier to support myself.

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two weeks

Two weeks and one day before my plane leaves, I feel surprisingly prepared.

About a month ago, I pulled my suitcase down from the highest shelf of my parents’ closet. I thought, could this be too early? No. Knowing my airline’s baggage policy (first max 50lb bag free, overweight fee of $200, second bag fee of $200), I have no choice but to take one suitcase and one carry-on. My beastly hard-case Delsey suitcase weighs 11lbs (it’s also purple), therefore I have a good 39lbs to pack with lots of layers for the cold weather of northern France. I’ve slowly been putting sweaters, leggings, and long-sleeved shirts into the suitcase – items that I’ll have no need for during September in Texas.

A gorgeous Texas sunset in front of my house that I’ll be sure to miss.

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