city job hunting, market treasure hunting

The time of year has come to France, when thousands of foreigners enter the country to begin their year abroad as a language teaching assistant. Americans, Canadians, Brits, Germans, Spanish, Italians, and many more have been placed in elementary, middle, and high schools all around the country to serve as a cultural and linguistic link to their respective country and language, and I so wish I were participating in this program again!

But, I was unfortunately not renewed for the job and am therefore continuing to hang out in France, trying to find some form of employment!

Enjoying English! for French 6th graders.

I am now giving private English lessons to 4 clients, who are all very different. It’s nice because I am making a bit of money on the side and getting to practice adjusting my teaching methods for different students at different levels with different needs. I am working with a 10-year-old whose family is moving to the States next year, a girl my age who is preparing for an English airline exam, a boy my age who is getting ready to travel abroad, and a businessman whose company just went international who will need to be able to express himself in English. Each lesson is personalized, so that means I’m preparing a lot on the side, but getting a lot of experience teaching in varied situations.

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so close, yet so far

I only have 4 weeks left of work as an assistant at my high school in Douai, France (and one of those weeks will be spent abroad in England with 50 students and 4 teachers). I can’t say it’s gone by fast but it hasn’t gone by slowly, either.

I still need to blog about my awesome trip to Poland that I took at the beginning of March. I spent 10 days in the country, split between hanging out in the city of Krakow and doing a language immersion program called Angloville in the tiny mountain city of Zab. The people, atmosphere, and culture were all amazing and I’m trying to figure out a way to describe it to you all! Here’s a preview…


But right now, my mind is caught up with other things!

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