preconceptions: american vs. french

Well, here we go! Google auto-fill game, round two!

1) Why do French people not like Americans?

I really don’t think that this is true. The only time I ever felt “disliked” during my time in France was my very first day ever stepping on French soil, in Paris, at a cafe. Continue reading

preconceptions: french vs. american

I love to play this game. When typing a phrase into google, it’s always interesting to look at what auto-fill can do for you before you finish typing your real search request. In typing “Why do Americans…” the first auto-fill options that come up are “Why do Americans speak English” and “Why do Americans detest the French”.

1) Why do Americans speak English?

This question could have so many meanings. Why do Americans speak English in general? Why do Americans speak English when they visit France? Why do Americans speak English and not French? Well. Continue reading