grant & matt in france: part 1

Don’t worry, it’s still Haley in France here, but for my winter vacation time I was joined by my dear brother Grant and his friend Matt. I figured, why would I go home for Christmas when my brother and his friend could come to Europe for their first time ever to celebrate it here? (Well, I would go home to see my family, enjoy a fabulous Christmas meal, and catch up with friends… but that was supposed to be a rhetorical question.) So, I took the opportunity to show two American high school boys why France is awesome and why they should travel later in life. I think it was a success!

Grant and Matt at the Eiffel Tower

They took a direct flight from Dallas and arrived in Paris on a Tuesday morning. I know how difficult jet lag can be, so that’s why we went directly to the hotel to drop off our things and I let them take a nap and headed to the Eiffel Tower. The only time I have ever even been near the tower was around 2am on a Saturday night and it wasn’t even lit up, so I was just as thrilled as they were when we climbed up the stairs from the metro and were bombarded by the direct view of the tower. “Now we feel like we’re in France,” the boys said. The line was extremely long so we didn’t climb up, but we did take lots of silly pictures (which I can now cross off my list). It really is gigantic.

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