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This past weekend I made a little trip to Caen to visit some friends. When I studied abroad there last year, I met a handful of French students who were coming to Baylor for the Spring 2011 semester, and after having a legendary time with them there, I wanted to see them back on their home turf since they are all back in Caen now, finishing up their studies.

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encore encore!

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that although I’m absolutely loving my life here in Caen, my posts feel much more boring than those from when I was traveling. Plenty is happening and I’m having the time of my life, still! So no worries. If I sound boring let me know and I’ll try to fix that the next time around.

I finished up orientation last week and signed up for my classes: 19 hours per week, with no classes on Mondays! I still have two days to go for this week but things are going well so far. The only rough day is Tuesday, when I have class from 8:20am to 6:30pm but I fought through it. The way that schedules are done here is a bit weird: students are placed in groups, and distributed schedules like that. Therefore in all of my courses, I’m in class with the exact same students. It’s good because I’m getting to know people (and a Baylor friend Noelle is in my group with me) from places like China, Korea, Japan, Ghana, and Panama but still somewhat strange compared to American universities. There hasn’t been a lot of homework so far and I’m hoping it stays that way!

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voila caen!

So, we missed orientation, but that was the biggest of our worries. We were welcomed right away as “the two Baylor students who were lost in Spain,” checked into our dorm, got settled, and registered. That was easy! I had to go to the IAE Caen building to get my monthly stipend, and while talking in English with Jed outside, a French guy named Thomas came up to us and asked us where we were from, since he heard us speaking. He had studied in Scotland for one year – I can’t imagine how difficult that would be for a Frenchman, when I even have trouble understanding Scottish at times. Our French friend Jonathan, who had studied at Baylor the previous semester, came to pick us up so we could get the rest of our luggage which he had been keeping for us during our journey. After dropping it off at our rooms, we went with Jonathan to go see Anais (another French exchange student to Baylor last semester) at her apartment along with some other friends of theirs. We all went out on Thursday night to celebrate and it was well worth it! I met a lot of their friends and spoke a lot of French – it was difficult but I tried my best! It’s so hard to have the same personality when speaking a second language… I felt kind of boring but hopefully it will get better. We also went out on Friday when invited to go by some people that we had met the night before. French parties are fantastic, that’s all I’m going to say!

The blog post will get a little jumpy from here out. Just a warning.

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