grant & matt in france: part 2

After spending the night at my apartment in Douai, I woke the boys up as early as possible (around 10:30AM… it was difficult!) so that we could profit from a full day in Lille. I thought that after their time in Paris they would really love this city, and I was right! Lille is so different from Paris: the architecture, the people, the atmosphere. So, we got on the train in Douai, Grant bumped his head while

Matt and Grant in front of the Chamber of Commerce and Opera house

attempting to fit his giantly tall body into the little French people seats and everyone giggled in an “Oh, cute American boy” kind of way, and we hopped off 20 minutes later in Lille.

We saw the Lille Opera building, which is conveniently located next to the Lille Chamber of Commerce building. They are both gorgeous and two of my favorite buildings in the city. Next I took the boys to an old little market that is between the Opera and the Main Square. They amused themselves for nearly half an hour, looking at the action figures, comics, and strange French books spread out along one wall. Unfortunately, most of the comics were actually in English rather than French so they weren’t any different from the ones that you would normally find in the states. I finally coaxed them away and we continued on.

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